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JulesFlute's Musings

Feb. 6th, 2011

04:25 pm - Seeing Eye, Day Twenty-Seven

Today's weather: Low, 11F, -11.6C. High, 32F, 0C.
In my last post, I neglected to mention that Kerry almost destroyed a Santa.
Vickie gave it to me, and I was supposed to play with her while supervising
her. Well, I did for a bit, but thought she'd be ok. So, I left to put
laundry in. When I came back, she was quiet, and I noticed Santa's eye had a
hole in it. Luckily, the eye was sown on, with stitches. Some stuffing was
also on the floor. So, I took the toy away from her, and gave her her bone
We woke at 5:30 to a song about going home. I've never heard the song
before, and only caught the phrase about going home.
Two of my classmates were leaving at 6:15, so at 5:40, I came back in from
park time. I thought I'd be quick at getting organized, but all too soon, a
knock came on my door from one of my classmates. I quickly said goodbye to
them, hugged them, and Kerry and the pups gave each other kisses.
Shannon came to say bye, and it was great to get to know her better.
Breakfast was a bit quiet, as there were now only three students left. I sat
next to Walt, and Kerry being Kerry, looked at him a few times.
After breakfast, I said bye to the other classmates and went upstairs. I
finished my laundry, as I wanted all clean clothes on my return journey.
I packed the remaining items, and chatted to Jonathan for a bit.
Kim, another instructor came in to say bye, and finally, after three plus
weeks, I finally didn't mix her up with another instructor!
I checked out with Pauline, and received my new Seeing Eye ID, and two
pictures of Kerry. I also got an Access book, and they are very nice and are
different from the access books we received eight years ago.
On the way out of Pauline's office, I saw Tom, my first instructor and he
agreed to have lunch with me. I'd not had a proper catch up with him, and
it's always nice to catch up with old instructors.
Housekeeping were cleaning the student rooms but skipped mine, as I'd be
leaving later.
Lucas popped in to say bye, and we chatted a bit about targeting the empty
chairs we did yesterday with Kerry.
I saw Jan, who took Kerry to her second appointment for her worm medication.
When Kerry got back, Jan and I chatted about this and that, and said our
By ten to 12, I went down to lunch, making sure everything was packed. For
my last meal, I had a slice of pizza, as the staff had a buffet from which
to choose. I sat in the Terrace dining room with three instructors,
including Tom and Walt, and two personnel from donor relations. I learned a
bit more about Kerry during her training. It was a great meal, excellent
company, and I think Kerry was looking for the other dogs.
Around 12:50, I headed upstairs, and Walt helped me bring my suitcase down.
I saw Dave J and thanked him for the opportunity to come back to Seeing Eye.
As I was about to get into the van, I took off Kerry's harness, so Walt
could say bye to her. We said our goodbyes, and then Walt said bye to Kerry.
Pauline came out to say bye, and we were on our way to the Newark airport.
The airport experience went very well. The security guy was great, and I
didn't beep! Kerry was quite excited and we made it to our gate in record
The instructor was allowed to come onto the plane with me, to help get Kerry
settled into our window seat. Kerry sat up during the takeoff, but quickly
lay down once we were airborne.
There were winds of up to 127MPH, so it took us longer to arrive into
Austin. We left late for some reason, and the flight was absolutely full.
After what seemed like an eternity, we landed in Austin, 45 minutes late.
I saw my parents and little cousin, and they totally ignored Kerry until we
got outside the airport, and she went park. My dad remarked on how soft her
coat was, and mum said she was a little dog.
We met another blind person who had a golden retriever from another school,
and Kerry calmly sat down to meet the other dog.
Our ride home was uneventful, but it started sleeting and later, snowing
once we were out of Austin.
Another cousin, the one who is like a brother to me, drove up from Corpus
Christi to see me and to meet Kerry. It worked out for him, as he had time
off from work for a few days.
That's it for my Seeing Eye blog posts. I hope you have enjoyed reading
them, as much as I have enjoyed writing these posts.
We truly had a great bunch of people in our class, and it was great to meet
all kinds of diverse individuals from different backgrounds. The staff were
absolutely top notch, from housekeeping, who put up with our food order
requests, to the instructors who patiently repeated instructions if need be,
to our training manager, who confidently drove traffic for us, made coffee
runs, joked with us, and above all, did an excellent job at training Kerry.
In a word, the staff are just plain awesome, and I am so lucky to have been
able to return to the Seeing Eye for my second dog.
I've also got a very supportive husband, parents and family, and for this
too, I am truly grateful.
Breakfast: Orange juice, cold cereal, scrambled eggs, toast and jelly.
Lunch: buffet, including pizza, soup, cheesecake/fruit, etc.

Feb. 4th, 2011

04:55 am - Seeing Eye, Day Twenty-Six

Today's Weather: Low, 26F, -3.3C. High, 37F, 2.7C.
There was an ice storm overnight.
Our wake up song was Homeward Bound.
We didn't have any morning trips, as the weather was quite yucky. When I
took Kerry to park, there was a nice layer of ice and snow covering the park
Kerry was exposed to the Seeing Eye Cat, Solo. The cat allowed her to sniff
it, but then it hissed at her. So, Kerry being Kerry, she backed up and came
back to me. They had a stare down for a few minutes, and then Kerry tried to
get close to the cat again, but was definitely unsure. The cat experience
went well, I thought. At least Kerry didn't get smacked by a paw!
Jan and I did clicker training with the airline seats, and Kerry did very
At coffee break, I had a cup of coffee and a snicker doodle.
After the break, the new students had a follow up to the going home lecture,
with Michelle. We had free time.
Around 11:45, we did targeting with empty chairs. The goal is for Kerry to
locate empty seats. This is a long process, so we did phase one before
During lunch, the head of PR sat at our table.
Immediately after lunch, we targeted more chairs. After about an hour of
clicker, Kerry was going to empty chairs, whenever the three people moved.
The last time we did this, I had the target in my pocket, and she kept going
around and around, because she heard the target. Once Lucas took the target,
she found the empty chair for me, even though it was a totally different
She was also interested in geese who were flying around outside.
For our afternoon trip, we went to Kings Grocery, a small little store. I
remember this store very well from my last training back in 2002.
We then attempted to go to the Swiss Chalet, but they were closed, and the
sign said they'd be open at 3:30. But, it didn't say which day!
So, I suggested we go back to the South street Creamery, which was great. I
had another Chocolate Egg cream!
The dogs had lots of ice and snow to work through, and they did well. There
was a particularly big crossing, where a snow bank covered both corners,
plus a bit in the middle. I just stayed close to Kerry and followed her.
We had more free time before dinner, and our last supper was quite nice.
I packed most of my things after dinner, and had a quiet night. I spent a
bit of time in the common lounge, did a bit of laundry and then came up to
Breakfast: Orange Juice, cold cereal, oatmeal, banana nut French toast with
streusel topping, sausage, yogurt/granola.
Lunch: Vegetable Soup, tortellini with sausage fennel and mushrooms, French
bread, egg salad/sandwich, chocolate espresso tort/fruit
Dinner: Apple juice, prime rib, roll, baked potato with sour cream, green
beans, chef's salad, macaroon brownie/fruit

Feb. 3rd, 2011

05:41 am - Seeing Eye, Day Twenty-Five

Today's Weather: Low, 21F, -6.1C. High, 26F, -3.3C Ice and snow..
Our wake up song was Cocamo by the Beach Boys, and this time, I didn't sleep
We went to the courthouse around 8:00. This is a good place to take the
dogs, because there is a metal detector at the entrance. So, we get great
practice walking through. There are lots of steps, and elevators, also.
Because the weather was quite bad, the footpath up to the courthouse was
quite slippery, and I had to drag my feet, so I wouldn't slip. I prefer
snowy sidewalks to icy ones, any day! The courthouse is quite a maze, with
it's five floors. Kerry was being quite nosy and was looking into open
office doors. After going up and down stairs, walking down different
hallways, and avoiding people, we made it outside again.
We drove to the DTC, and walked to Rio's, so I could pick up my dog statue.
We had coffee and oatmeal cookies during coffee break, but there wasn't too
many people this time.
At 10:30, I had my exit interview with Jim. I made a couple suggestions but
was thrilled with the training of the dog and my training as well. Of
course, the services were great, and I let Jim know I was very pleased with
At 11:00, we had the access lecture with Ginger. This is a lecture talking
about our rights as dog guide users. We are protected by the ADA, a federal
law, and by state laws. Of course, the ADA supersedes the state laws. We are
also protected by the Fair Housing Act. Since the ADA updated its definition
of a service animal, we discussed this, also. Now, the only service animals
that count under the ADA are dogs and the miniature horses.
After lunch, we went to Enjou Chocolat, and Smart World Coffee, which is
where Kerry always tried to take me during our Elm Street route. I had a
white chocolate mocha thing, and it was delicious! By the afternoon, the ice
storm had dissipated, and it was the smaller storm.
After dinner, Kerry and I took a nap until park time.
I got my suitcase out and put it on the bed. Kerry sniffed it, but wasn't
all that interested in the thing.
According to the weather, there is another storm that should be quite bad,
and it was definitely cold at our last park time.
I ate the rest of my lasagne and chatted to people in the common lounge. Of
course, I had a cider!
I came back and chatted to my parents and Jonathan, which is always good.
More tomorrow!
Breakfast: Orange Juice, Cold Cereal, Farina, Breakfast Burrito with Salsa,
Lunch: Beef Barely Soup, Jambalaya, Turkey Salad/Sandwich, Apple and Berry
Turnover Alamode/fruit
Dinner: Nectar, Stuffed Chicken Breast with Gravy, Potatoes, baby carrots,
chef's choice salad,
lemon cream pie/fruit

03:04 am - Seeing Eye, Day Twenty-Four

Today's Weather: High, 30F, -1.1C. Low, 5F, -15C.
We woke at 6:00, but I slept in 18 minutes! I heard the instructor call
park/feed time, but I dozed off, until my next door neighbour knocked on my
door. I quickly fed Kerry and went outside to park.
I barely made it to breakfast in time, but that was ok. I also chatted to
Jonathan while getting organized for the day, which was great!
We left around 8:00 for the Morristown train station. We caught a train into
NYC, and arrived at Penn Station. The train took about an hour, or so, and
you could easily take a nap.
Kerry was full of excited energy and was walking at a good pace inside Penn.
We walked up to the Empire State Building and had our picture taken. IT was
quite cold in the city, so I had my coat zipped up and was wearing gloves.
We found a postcard place, and I bought five postcards for a dollar.
We then walked around and went to Rockefeller Center but didn't go inside.
There were people ice skating on the rink, and we watched for a few minutes.
Then, we walked to Saint Patrick's Cathedral and the sounds of the city
disappeared when we went inside. It was totally amazing! The church is
absolutely huge and full of ornate wood, carvings, and marble. We spent
about a half an hour here.
I put the Gentle Leader on Kerry to slow her down a bit. Her pull is very
nice but with all the energy and excitement in the city, she was pulling
very hard. Of course, there was also some competitiveness, as my classmates
dog was also with us, and Kerry always wants to be in front.
We came back outside, and walked to Trump Towers. On the way, we saw a
hotdog stand, and bought a pretzel. IT was ok, but it got quite cold
quickly! We did more escalator work in Trump Towers and walked around a maze
like structure for a bit. When we left, the door man told us to use the
elevators next time, but we'll be using the escalators!
We walked up to Central Park, and Kerry loved the pidgins! The horses and
carriages were out, but she took no interest in them. On the way to the
subway station, we stopped, and I thought we were at a curb, so I was trying
to find the traffic. Jan told me we weren't at the crossing yet, and I found
out later that Kerry was looking at a group of pidgins! She didn't lunge, or
anything, but stared at them, until they flew off.
We caught the subway to the Village and got off at 14th Street. We were
going to eat at a pub like place, but their gas was broken, so we walked a
bit more. When we reach 7th Ave, we came upon more eateries. I picked a
place called Jekyll and Hyde Pub, and it was quite interesting. There were
sculls, and other strange things on the walls. The bar stools could be
lifted and lowered at different intervals also. I got a Frankenstein Burger,
which had meat, cheese, bacon, mushrooms, and onions, but I substituted the
onions for jalapeños. I was too full to have dessert, which was a shame, as
I wanted the New York cheesecake!
We caught the subway back to Penn Station and weaved in and out of people on
our way to our train. We transferred at Newark Broad street for Morristown.
While waiting on the platform, Kerry was sitting down quite nicely. When I
touched her, her entire body was shaking, as if she was scared or cold. I
asked my instructor what this meant, and she informed me that Kerry was
looking at a big fat pidgin, just sitting on the platform. She had excellent
self control not to go after the bird! From what I can tell, Kerry's two
main distractions are pidgins, and children!
We walked about forty blocks throughout the day in NYC, and this was
probably the most I've ever walked in the city.
We returned to the school around 15:40, and even though I was tired, we had
things to do.
I recorded Harness Talk, and then it was time for feed/park.
After dinner, I hung out in the common lounge for a bit, and had a chat to
my parents and Jonathan.
The new students had the Going Home lecture, but since the retrains had this
last week, we were free.
There was no coffee break, because we were all in the city.
More tomorrow!
Breakfast: Orange Juice, cold cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, Taylor ham,
Lunch: white bean soup, turkey chipotle chilli, corncakes, roast beef
salad/sandwich, dream bar (chocolate chip brownie)/fruit
Dinner: nectar, Shrimp Scampi, rice pilaf, grilled asparagus, chef's choice
salad, chef's choice dessert

Feb. 1st, 2011

12:36 pm - Seeing Eye, Day Twenty-Three

Today's Weather: High 36F, 2.2C. Low, 12F, -11.1C.
I forgot to give the dinner dessert in my last post. It was Bavarian cream
We woke at 7:00, as we are on Sunday schedule.
I took a nice, refreshing 2.5 hour nap, as I was quite tired from being
awake for Minx Mix. Thanks to my next door neighbour, who told the
housekeeping staff I was sleeping. This was definitely appreciated, as they
didn't come in.
I woke up when Park Time was called, and took Kerry out. She had also had a
After lunch, I walked on the Leisure path twice. This happened, because
Kerry missed the entrance back to the school, so we just went around again.
This path is about a 1/3 mile walk, and it has sloping places, S-like turns,
and two gazebos. Unfortunately, the benches were snow covered, so I couldn't
sit down.
After my walk, it was time for the Mosen Explosion, and the ladies who were
left at TSE heard the show. There are 3 women students, including myself,
who are still here.
We had a great time hearing Jonathan, and he gave shout outs to all of us.
After the 16:30 feed/park, the instructor who was on duty read the menu from
Lovey's Pizza & Grill for us. It was a very extensive menu, with appetizers,
grill, pizza, pasta, sandwiches/raps, etc.
Lovey's is in Morris Plains. I had Beef Lasagne, and it came with bread. It
was huge, and I saved about half for later. IT was very good, though. Some
people had pizza, and some even got wings. Our supervisor, Walt joined us
for dinner, and the nurse did as well.
After dinner, I helped a classmate with some Jaws stuff, and then did my
laundry for the week.
Before I turned in for the night, I heard a bit of Casey Casem doing a Top
40 Countdown when he was younger.
Breakfast: Orange Juice, cold cereal, Fried Eggs, home fries, yogurt/granola
Lunch: pasta with sausage and spinach, garlic bread, cheese muffin, tuna
salad/sandwich, blueberry pie alamode

Jan. 31st, 2011

04:59 pm - Seeing Eye, Day Twenty-Two

Weather: High 34F, 1.1C. Low, 11F, -11.6C. snow showers likely, cloudy.
Today is the 82nd anniversary of the Seeing Eye. It was incorporated on 29
January, 1929.
At 6:00, we woke up to Java Jive, all about coffee! That extra half hour of
sleep was worth it, for sure, and definitely appreciated.
I'd forgotten to mention that for yesterday afternoon's feeding, we came
down to the feed closet to measure out our dog's food. This way, we get the
afternoon feed, and the morning feed. The morning food bowl is stashed in a
drawer, but I'm sure the dogs can still smell the food!
Since there are so few of us, our table is open seating, just like Southwest
For my trip today, we took a quick trip into New York City! This was totally
awesome, great fun, and I loved every minute of it!
We took a different van to Port Authority and parked in the garage. I tried
to check in on 4 Square, but there were way too many places there. I found
Port Authority once, but then it went away! When I walked into Port
Authority, the smell of busses, trains, and other things rushed into my
nose. We were on 42nd and 8th to begin our walk.
Near the beginning of our walk, a guy petted Kerry, who didn't react. He was
told not to pet the dog, as she was working, and he asked if she was ever
out of harness, and if she got overtime.
We walked from 42nd and 8th, to about 44th and 8th. Then, crossed 8th to
7th, and continued uptown, as I wanted to go to Central Park. At some point,
7th Ave becomes Broadway, and we past where Mary Popins was playing.
Somewhere after Time Square, we saw the CBS studios, where shows like The
Late Show with David Letterman are recorded. Before we got to Broadway, we
saw M&M World, and across from that was the Hershey place, but I forget the
We came up to Columbus Circle, where the Bose Store is, and at this
intersection, there was a horse and carriage. Kerry didn't react to them at
all. We even past a few dogs, and there was no reaction from Kerry.
We came up to Central Park South, and entered the park. There was a major
change from the streets to the park. It was a lot quieter, and there was
more snow. We didn't encounter much snow on the sidewalks, but we did see
some slush in the streets. We did a loop around the park, and came back to
Central Park South.
We caught a subway back to Port Authority, on the C Train. We saw the D
train go by, but that was going somewhere else. We took two stops to our
station, and Kerry was alert the whole time. When we were on the double
platform, Kerry's head kept turning left and right, as she saw people, and
trains going by.
We got back to TSE around 11:00, and I chatted to Jonathan for a while.
From 14:00-16:00, Vickie and her husband came to see a classmate and me. It
was great meeting and getting to know them.
After dinner, I finally went down to the exercise room. I did everything
except the free weights and the total gym, because I couldn't figure it out.
I didn't like the stepper much, but the recumbent bike, treadmill, rower and
elliptical were great. One of my classmates and I had the 70's Sirius
I spent a few minutes in the common lounge, and then came back to try and
sleep. For some reason, I was keyed up, and was still awake around midnight.
Jonathan called me and we had a little chat. The children were down, and
they went to the Teddy bear's Picnic. It sounded like a lot of fun, and a
children's band, the Funky Monkeys provided entertainment!
Breakfast: Orange Juice, cold cereal, Cream of Rice, Pancakes, Ham,
Lunch: Tomato soup, hot corn beef sandwich on rye, onion rings, pickle, egg
salad/sandwich, pumpkin brownie
Dinner: Grapefruit Juice, Filet Mignon, broccoli, baked potato with sour
cream, salami salad/sandwich,

Jan. 29th, 2011

02:36 pm - Seeing Eye, Day Twenty-One

Weather for Today: Low, 10F, -12.2C. High, 33F, 0.5C, 40% chance of snow,
less than half an inch of accumulation.
The song playing when we woke up was "Leaving on a Jet Plane", the Peter
Paul and Mary version.
I spent a few minutes in the common lounge with some classmates who flew out
today before breakfast. Actually, a couple classmates left around 4:30, and
one left around 6:30.
We were all called down to breakfast, as there wasn't as many students left.
I went out on first trip, and we left around 7:45. We were going to make a
stop by Rio's, the statue place, but they didn't open until 9:00. So, we
just walked around, and Jan made up the route as we went.
Right after Rio's, there's a hill. Well, today, this hill had little patches
of ice on it. Jan warned me about the ice and told me to be careful. But,
this ice was quite thin, and very slippery. So, I started to slide, and fell
spectacularly! I knew I was going to fall, so I didn't try and break my
fall. Kerry was probably startled at first, but then decided we must be
playing. So, she give me a lick, and tried to sit in my lap. I was laughing
quite hard, and kept laughing down the block. I'm glad I wasn't hurt though.
Of course, we encountered much snow, and many snow banks. At one point, we
had this rather big snow bank to climb over, and that was quite a challenge!
In some cases, the ploughed snow was as high as my shoulders, and there
would only be a narrow passage to get to the corner in either direction.
During coffee break, a few more people departed for the airport. We had
oatmeal raison cookies, and I had coffee.
After the midmorning park, I took a little nap, and I think Kerry did also.
I popped into the dentist, to see if I had a cavity, but my teeth are clear.
So, I've got some medication to take because of a slight infection.
By the time I got back to TSE, lunch was over, so we parked in the DTC's
garage, popped into Rio's for my statue of Kerry, and then went down to
Anthony's Pizza and Pasta, as Jan hadn't had lunch. I got a slice of pizza,
and a few hot wings. I'd forgotten how big the slices were here, and I could
have just had the slice of pizza. It was quite good though.
On the way out, Kerry and I walked at a fast clip down to the Walgreens to
pick up my prescription. During this part of the walk, Kerry kept window
shopping, and was quite insistent that we go into the Swiss Chalet, a bakery
type place that Walt took her to.
After picking up the medicine, we walked back to the DTC. Even today, I
still learned something new. I now have a better understanding of when to
say forward, and when to say hup up. You would hup up the dog when you want
them to find something, such as a curb. Also, if hup up doesn't achieve what
you want, then say forward, which is a firmer command.
We got back to TSE, and it was very quiet, as now there are six students,
including myself, left.
We are all at one table for meals now, which is pretty interesting. IT
definitely isn't as far to get to meals now, because we're in the main
dining room again.
I had a nice chat to Jonathan, and the children are coming up for the
weekend, as it's Saturday in NZ. I'm sure they'll have a blast together!
After park, I gave Kerry a groom and cleaned her teeth.
I'm about to have a cider and relax a bit, before I go to bed. Tomorrow,
since there are so few of us, we'll wake half an hour later, which is very
Another Seeing Eye day comes to a close.
Breakfast: Orange Juice, cereal, Oatmeal, grapefruit slices, scrambled eggs,
sausage patty, cinnamon roll yogurt/granola
Lunch: Tomato Soup, lime grilled chicken with black bean sauce, Tuna
salad/sandwich, Texas Pecan pie/fruit
Dinner: Grape juice, stuffed shells marinara, tossed salad, garlic bread,
chef's choice salad plate, apple turnover

Jan. 28th, 2011

05:05 pm - Seeing Eye, Day Twenty

Today's Weather: Low, 13F, -10.5C. High, 35F, 1.6C. Snow everywhere, but
bright. Morristown got 19 inches, 48.26CM of snow.
At 5:30 park, it had finally stopped snowing, but it was quite cold. There
was a foot of snow at park, from the accumulation that fell last night.
Where the snow had been ploughed, some of the snow banks were about five
feet high, which is amazing. I wanted to take a picture standing in a foot
of snow, and after I got organised for the day, an instructor took our
All flights were cancelled, so those who were supposed to leave today are
now leaving tomorrow. So, our class is still together.
All yellow dogs were called down to breakfast first, followed by black dogs,
then the rest. We had an interesting conversation about Farmville, and all
the different crops you can harvest and how you can master these crops. It
was quite a lively conversation at breakfast, which doesn't always happen.
We had a free morning, and I took a small nap and chatted with some of my
classmates. Walt made two coffee runs and brought us coffee. It was very
yummy indeed! I had French Vanilla with cinnamon.
Some flights have been rescheduled, but more classmates will be leaving
We were all called down to lunch, and we were informed of our afternoon
Right after lunch, I had a chat with Jonathan.
We left around 13:20, to the South Street Creamery. We did a type of solo to
the creamery. There were two instructors and Walt posted along the route.
Eight of us went on the solo, and we were sent off in staggered groups of
one's and two's. It was great to see eight people and their dogs all
behaving very well. Of course, I had the Chocolate Egg cream, which was
wonderful! Another classmate also had the egg cream, and she liked it.
We took a different way back to the vans, and we did very well.
We returned to TSE around 15:00, and I took another little nap.
Around 16:00, I was called to go to the vet clinic on campus. My contact
information was taken for the Home again Microchip Service before we saw the
vet. Kerry's health summary was read, and we also received Frontline,
medical records, microchip tag and heart worm preventative. Kerry is in
excellent health, which is fantastic. Before we did anything, her microchip
was scanned.
Around 18:45, "Through a Dog's Eyes", the story of Morris Frank, was played
for those who were interested. This is a one man play and Bill Mooney
portrays Morris.
After the last park, "At A Girl Kelly" the Walt Disney special was shown to
interested parties. I watched the first part, but slowly, people drifted off
to bed.
Many of the class will be leaving tomorrow.
And, so ends another day at The Seeing Eye.
Breakfast: Orange Juice, cold cereal, Grits, cheese omelette, biscuit, honey
butter, yogurt/granola.
Lunch: Creamy chicken Pasta soup, stead and vegetable rap, co slaw, egg
salad/sandwich, Profiteroles (cream puffs)/fruit
Dinner: Buttermilk pork chops, green beans, sweet potato, cottage cheese
salad/sandwich, New York style cheesecake/fruit

02:46 am - Seeing Eye, Day Nineteen

Today's Weather: Low, 30F, -1.1C, high, 32F, 0C. Snow and more snow!
I'm going to backtrack a bit.
You'll remember I said Jonathan sent me some nice roses and a box of
chocolates for our second anniversary. Well, the chocolates came from
Enjou Chocolat, a Morristown gourmet chocolate store. They also have
chocolate dogs, and a TSE business card. You can find them online, on
Facebook, and on Twitter. I've not opened the box yet, as I want to save it,
but I know the chocolates will be delicious!
Also, when we had our mall visit, I got to see and touch some Sugar bears,
which are marsupials. They reminded me of a hamster, with a long tail. I got
to hold it, and it walked on my coat sleeve for a bit, then jumped back to
its person.
We woke at 5:30 to "Me and My Dog" by Parachute Express.
Those who wanted to go home tomorrow were called to breakfast first.
All four of us went out at 7:45 to the DTC. I had a new partner, and we took
a different way to Rite Aid. The entire trip was covered in a layer of snow,
and in some cases, salt and snow. Kerry didn't have her shoes on, but she
didn't seem to mind. We didn't fall, or anything, and I walked quite slowly.
During the trip, it was steadily snowing, so I put my hood on, which limited
my hearing somewhat. This is precisely why I don't use hoods at all. Despite
the snow, both dogs seemed to enjoy themselves, which was quite nice.
On our return to school, we gracefully slid down a hill, and the snow was
thicker everywhere.
We made it back just in time for coffee break, and we had sugar cookies and
coffee. The cookies had vanilla in them, which made them not taste as sweet.
I had a quick groom and teeth cleaning with Kerry after coffee break.
Kerry and I then took a quick little power nap, which was quite refreshing.
Those who were hanging in the lounges were called to lunch first, followed
by those of us who were in our rooms.
We didn't have any trips in the afternoon, as the snow was pretty bad by
this point. So, we just hung out. I had a chat to a friend and Jonathan,
then took a little nap. Then, I went down to the woman's lounge for some
coffee/hot chocolate, which was yummy.
Walt popped into the lounge, and Kerry wanted to say hi, so she tried to
give him a hug. Of course, I gave her a correction for this. Poor pups, they
sure go through some amazing changes in their life.
I got more information about a toy called a Plaque Attacker, which can have
different names. These are great for removing plaque off a dog's teeth, and
they have little bumpy things all over the toy.
Sports fans were called to dinner first, followed by nonsports people.
The evening was free, so I caught up with Jonathan again. The people who
were going home were packing and weighing their suit cases and receiving
their doggie travel packs.
Kerry got a correction for barking when one of the instructors knocked on
the door. She was startled, so she barked. Even though I'm not leaving for
another week, I got my travel pack, which has paper towels, a few pick up
bags, and some doggie treats.
I had an earlier night then I've had in a while, in the hopes that I'd get
eight hours sleep.
Another Seeing Eye day comes to a close.
Breakfast: Orange Juice, Oatmeal, cold cereal, Belgian Waffles with
blueberry sauce or maple syrup, bacon, yogurt/granola
Lunch: Baked Potato soup, Swai omindeen, rice pilaf, snow peas, ham
salad/sandwich, macaroon brownie/fruit
Dinner: pineapple juice, Chicken Picata, Noodles, chefs choice salad plate,
Lemon cream pie/fruit

Jan. 26th, 2011

03:45 pm - Seeing Eye, Day Eighteen

Today's weather: High 36F, 2.2C. Low, 17F, -8.3C. Cloudy with light winds.
We woke at 5:30, to Twist and Shout by the Beatles. Man, that song really
got you up and going!
I was a bit late coming down to breakfast, as I had a chat to Jonathan, who
stayed awake to talk to me. I quickly rushed through my shower, and things,
then went down for the meal.
The upstairs women were called down first, followed by the upstairs men,
then downstairs ladies, and finally downstairs men.
I had farina this morning, and I tried it with brown sugar. It was quite
tasty, and it was like adding maple on the hot cereal.
I went out at 8:30, or so, and we did a country trip. We wee still in
Morristown, but I was walking along a snow bank, and I could barely feel the
curb. It's a little different now, because we no longer repeatedly tell the
dog "left, left", to keep them on the left. We give the forward command,
keep in mind if we think we're veering into the street, and periodically
check with our canes for the edge. If we've drifted into the street, we
strongly turn to the left, around 90 degrees, and go back to the curb. I've
got my first route planned when I'm back in TX, and it'll be good, as my
neighbourhood is all country work.
During the trip, there was light fluffy snow underfoot, and at one point,
snow was falling on my hair, and I ate some! I do love to eat snow.
I was impressed that even in all the snow, and having to stay left, Kerry's
pull didn't let up. I told Jan her pull was still consistent, and she said
when she worked her, she told Walt that Kerry had a very firm pull, and Walt
said that's what I wanted, and the instructors who did my Juno walks agreed.
We talked a bit about different dog's pull, and while I didn't totally
understand everything, it was an interesting subject.
I got back in time for coffee break, and I had coffee and some coffee cake.
I rather like coffee cake now that I've tried it. I think it's delicious!
Those who went into the city, as we call it, or NYC, yesterday were called
down to lunch first. I had to wait, as I've not been to NYC yet.
After lunch, a female classmate, who is a massage therapist, did a neck,
back and shoulder massage. This was quite nice and relaxing, and I
thoroughly enjoyed it.
Jan took two classmates to NYC, so my partner and I went out around 15:00
. I spent a bit of time at the DTC, while my classmate did her trip. Then,
we went to Rite Aid, so I could buy some Advil. We did part of the high
school route, which was nice. Kerry did very well in the store, and she'd
show me very narrow spots before we proceeded down those isles.
On the way out, this lady was startled to see the dog, and gestured out with
her hands. Kerr, who was also startled, jumped back a bit, and the lady
mumbled something, and we were on our way.
The trip back went well, and there were a few narrow spots and lots of
obstacles for the dog to move around. At one crossing, Jan informed me that
there was a narrow space for us to get through, but I didn't know how close
I was to a snow bank. Well, I took a funny step, or something, and my right
hand touched the snow. I didn't fall, but just bent at the waist. Of course,
I sort of held onto Kerry for stability, and she was quite careful after
this. Of course, she's always a very cautious dog, but she made sure I saw
every snow bank from then on. Anyway, I stood up, gave the forward command,
and off we went across the street, laughing about what had happened, as I
thought it was rather funny.
On another crossing, rather than walk through the snow bank, Kerry jumped
spectacularly over it, and I, seeing how far she'd jumped, calmly walked
through it.
We got back just in time for Park, and I saw my old instructor, who had a
house dog with him.
The women were called down to dinner first this time, which was nice.
At 18:30, we had a 90 minute lecture about dog attacks and harassment. TSE
have a flyer which discusses this topic, for the public on their website. It
talks about how to be a responsible pet owner. We discussed the do's and
don'ts when faced with a dog attack, and unfortunately, there's not a lot we
can do but let our dogs defend themselves, make lots of noise, and call our
emergency number for help. Of course, the first thing we want to do when
faced with a dog distraction, is keep our dogs moving, because staring is
the first thing that occurs, then posture, then growling, and the fight. Dog
fights often are quite short, but they seem like an eternity.
I had another conversation with Jonathan before heading out to park for the
last time today.
After park, my partner came into my room, and did Reflexology on my feet.
This is a Chinese type of massage, and is like acupressure. IT was
definitely very nice!
Off I go and sleep, and no doubt, we'll have more trips tomorrow, and
possibly another storm!
Breakfast: Orange Juice, Cold cereal, Farina, melon slices, fried eggs,
Muffin, yogurt/granola
Lunch: Beef Barley Soup, Ravioli with fresh tomato sauce, tossed salad,
garlic sticks, Salami and cheese sandwich/salad, spiced ginger cake with
warm caramel sauce/fruit
Dinner: apple juice, Chilli Con Carne, cheddar Cornbread, cherry ice cream

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